What is Authentic Learning?

Sandcastles by Neil Turner CC BY-SA
Sandcastles by Neil Turner CC BY-SA

Find out what exactly is meant by¬† ‘Authentic Learning’, including his list of the twelve elements needed to deliver successful authentic learning events, on Steve Revington’s website. Steve is a multiple award-winning¬† Canadian academic who has been teaching for over thirty years. Although he works mainly with children, the theories can be applied at any level.

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This blog is definitely worth following if you have an interest in TEL. It has been recognised by the community as being one of the top ten e-learning blogs, and is produced by the TEL team, led by Dr David Walker, previously Senior Learning Technologist here at the University of Dundee. The latest post is Developing accessible web content, which has been written in collaboration with another former Dundee Staff member Dr David Sloan.