Promoting Inclusion Transforming Lives Conference 2017

Promoting Inclusion Conference June 2017

Organised by PAMIS Scotland and the Research Centre for Transformative Change: Educational & Life Transitions, which is part of the University of Dundee, the first PITL (Promoting Inclusion, Transforming Lives) International Conference in June 2017 will attract more than 200 national and international delegates to Dundee and Angus for a 3 day conference.  Abstracts are invited to be submitted by 31st January. Registration and more information available here.

Classroom Psycho-geography

Victorian classroom

Have you ever considered, or even heard of this? If not, have a read of this fascinating article, newly published in the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

In his conclusion, the author, Richard Henry Reynolds (Central Saint Martins), states:
“I am satisfied genuine differences in students’ involvement and
engagement with lecturer pedagogies and course methodologies are suggested by students’ decisions, conscious or unconscious, to sit in different parts of a lecture room or studio along the ‘axis of engagement’. “