About the Academic Skills Centre (ASC) at the University of Dundee

CASTLE is now the Academic Skills Centre (ASC)

What will change?

The only change will be in our name. The Centre for the enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning and Employability (CASTLE) is now the new Academic Skills Centre (ASC). Dr Lorraine Anderson is Head of the Centre.

Why has the name been changed?

We are the same people working under a different name continuing to develop what we already do. This change of name is in response to student and staff feedback that ASC is more identifiable with what we deliver, stickier and much easier to say!

The Centre will continue the work of CASTLE and provide you with the services we have always delivered within the two key areas of: developing students’ academic skills and enhancing skills for academics. We look forward to continuing and building on our collaborative work with student and staff partners to support excellence in learning and teaching.

What you have told us …

[The module] has allowed me to see the importance of self-study and learning and shown me that I can achieve more if I work on it. (Student – Transition STEP UP module)

I thought it was great to meet staff from other schools and offered a chance to make interesting connections and find out about good scholarship work going on across the University. (Staff – Student Transitions Symposium)

Best and most interesting module of all the modules I’ve had this year! (Student – Enterprise module)

Good learning opportunities from speakers and from discussions. (Guest – collaborative Open Badges Event)

The course was extremely useful for stimulating thought on the modern teaching process in general and how that fits into Dundee’s ethos/outlook as well as trends in higher education as whole. So thank you for that! (New member of staff – Teach at Dundee induction programme)