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Creative Academic Magazine

Creative Academic magazine

Issue #3 Exploring Creativity through #creativeHE

Norman Jackson, commissioning editor, summarises this issue:

‘The third issue of our magazine describes the ‘Creativity for Learning in Higher Education open learning course’, designed and led by Chrissi Nerantzi one of our Founders. It paints a vivid picture of the ways in which participants engaged in the course and the open discussions and relationships that emerged naturally through interaction . It provides some interesting insights into creativity and the process of learning in an online environment gained by different participants as they try to make sense of their experience and draw deeper meanings from it. ‘

There are some really thought-provoking ideas in this – definitely worth a look.

The magazine is free to download at

Digital Stranger – an interesting blog

Digital Stranger blog

This is written by Peter Bryant, Head of Learning Technology and Innovation at the London School of Economics, and is worth a read.

He has just published two new posts about re-imagining learning for a post-digital world, following on from an initial post 6 months ago.

In his words: “They outline a proposal for a ‘new’ approach to designing teaching and learning.  An approach that recognises learning outside the transmission and that through the construction and encouragement of experience provides a context for learning to happen in a way that aligns with the conduct of a post-digital life.  This design process build experiences into the learning and teaching by shaping the way engagement, interaction, assessment and feedback is undertaken.  It applies a design thinking approach to learning.”

The 12 Apps of Christmas


The 12 Apps of Christmas from the Dublin Institute of Technology is a free 12 day online project that looks great for both staff students.

Registration for this year’s project is now open and it focuses on exploring 12 mobile apps that can help students personalise their learning. Each day,  a different app is showcased over 12 weekdays starting on Dec 1st. So, 12 apps, over 12 weekdays, taking approximately 12 minutes a day and the content can be accessed either online or via our purpose-built app, which will be available from the app stores in mid November. Further details on the project, along with the registration form, can be found at