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CASTLE literacies; What’s in a name?

One of the key strands of CASTLE’s work that crosses all areas of the partnership is our focus on the development of a range of ‘literacies’; skills that will be useful for both students and staff in an academic context, workplace environment and social settings. Or do I mean ‘attributes’ rather than ‘skills’? And what about the literacies themselves, which seem to grow in number on regular basis. Are information literacies a thing of the past and we should be referring to digital literacies? And what about visual literacies – and assessment literacies, which I heard mention of at a recent event. I guess what I’m asking is to what extent these labels are useful in helping us to understand the complexity of graduate literacies (there’s another one for you) or potentially inhibit engagement as students encounter yet another ‘literacy’ to be learned.

Dr Lorraine Anderson, Head of CASTLE