Finding a Focus on Academic Literacies?

Discussing the ‘what’s in a name’ with a colleague we began to focus our thinking on ‘academic literacies’ as a top level concept that can provide a framework to incorporate digital capabilities, numeracy, literacy, etc. A number of current projects and developing ideas across the institution could be brought together as part of this framework including the work done by the LLC digital literacies team on a programme-level mapping exercise to establish areas which would benefit from further digital literacies input. Also the ideas of the ‘numerate campus’ group to develop students’ capabilities in working with statistics within their own disciplinary context. A baseline for academic literacies could be developed including self-evaluation tests, toolkits and resources, for staff and students, with ongoing development opportunities for individuals at all levels. I feel another CASTLE project coming on.

Dr Lorraine Anderson, Head of CASTLE

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