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The first event in a series of events which will take place over the coming AY2017-18 took place on Friday 1st September.

Defining Scholarship: Challenges and Perspectives symposium was organised in partnership with the School of Social Sciences. Teaching & Scholarship activities provide an important focus for colleagues across the institution and excellence in both areas is central to the support of an outstanding student experience at Dundee. However, do we as a community have a clear understanding of what constitutes evidence to demonstrate excellence in both teaching and scholarship? What are our expectations of scholarly practice? What might a claim for advancement on the basis of scholarship look like? The symposium  kickstarted a year of discussion and reflection on scholarship at the University of Dundee.

Defining Scholarship Symposium Programme September 2107

Presentations from the Symposium

Saranne Weller Scholarship Symposium Keynote Sept 2017

Carolina Kuepper Tetzel Scholarship Symposium Sept 2017

Martin Jones Scholarship Symposium Sept 2017

Teresa Moran Scholarship Symposium Sept 2017

Jane MacKenzie Scholarship Symposium Sept 2017

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