Zoom-Ex Instructions

Have the book or a multi-page document handy for scanning and reading with Zoom-Ex. Place your document under the Zoom-Ex device.

Find the Book menu and click on it, (or press Alt-B and then the Enter key).

The ‘Create Book’ dialog will appear: enter in the book title and the author’s name, and click ‘Create’.

The ‘Add Pages’ bar will then replace the dialogue box.

You can save any kind of book using Zoom-Ex – small paperback books, large books with page size up to 8.5’x11’, magazines, etc.


Choose How to Scan a Book

Start by selecting one of the three Scanning Options:

1. Scan one page at a time.

Use this option to scan a small amount of large pages.

2. Scan only odd or only even pages.

Use this option to scan a large amount of pages in a large book. Open the book and place the left or right page under the camera. If a portion of the second page also appears under the camera, Zoom-Ex will ignore it.  Do not move the book until you have scanned all odd pages you need/want.

Once you finished scanning odd pages, do the same for the even pages:

Start by turning the book 180 degrees. Be sure that the even pages are now under the camera. The fact that the pages appear upside-down does not matter. Zoom-Ex rotates the pages for you automatically when you want to read the book.

– Change the Next Page Number to the first even page number.

– Start scanning the even pages

When you finished scanning even pages, click the ‘Done’ button. A Book will sort and keep all pages in the right order automatically


When scanning a page, ensure that only the text that you want it to read is being shown in the picture.

This is right                                                This is wrong

Scanning modes

There are 2 types of scanning modes:

1. Manual Mode

In this mode, you press the ‘A’ key or click the ‘Add’ button to scan and save the page. You will hear a shutter sound indicating that the page has been scanned and saved.

2. Auto Mode

In this mode all you have to do is click the Start Auto Mode button to start scanning/saving pages. Then simply turn the pages. The Zoom-Ex camera has motion detectors so it will scan each page as soon as the page image stays still for a few seconds – it waits while you turn the pages. Auto Mode allows you to use both hands to hold the pages in place, since you don’t have to operate the mouse or keyboard to push the ‘Add’ button.

Note: The default selection is Manual.


Adding Pages to a New Book

Now that you’ve chosen how to scan/save a book, let’s start adding pages.

1. Manual mode:

a)   Put the first page of your document under the Zoom-Ex camera: it should appear on screen.

b)   Click the Add (A) button. Use your hands to keep the book flat. In a second you will hear a shutter sound. The page is now saved, and the ‘current page’ field should display 1, while the ‘next page number’ should display 2 (if you are saving one page at a time) or 3 (if you are saving two pages at a time, or only the even/odd pages)

c)   Put the next page of your document and click the Add button or press A on the keyboard.

d)   Save as many pages as you need by repeating the previous step.

e)   If you are saving a lot of pages, you can always take a break and continue saving pages later.

2. Auto mode:

a)   Click the ‘Start Auto Mode’ Button

b)   Place the open book under the camera; use both hands to flatten the page. In a few seconds you will hear the shutter sound. This lets you know the page has been scanned and saved.

c)   Turn the page, again keep the page flat and in a few seconds you will hear the same sound.

d)   Continue turning pages until you have all the pages you need scanned and saved.

e)   When you are all done or need a break, click the Stop Auto Mode button and remove the book from under the camera.

f)    When you are completely finished saving pages, click the Done button. Once you have clicked the Done button, the Add Pages bar will disappear and the Read Mode bar will appear.

Note: You can add more pages to this book later.

The Read Mode bar allows you to easily read your saved book with navigation buttons.

To create the book, simply go to the book tab bar and select ‘Save current book RTF’. A dialogue box comes up; click YES and it will start converting the book. This can take a while, depending on the size of the book, and until this has finished you can’t use the programme.

You should then save the book to the appropriate folder in the L drive.

To access your book, go into My Documents > Zoom Office > Texts, and it should be there. The individual scanned pictures should be available in Zoom Office > Books.


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