Accessible Templates

These pages are archived content, and as a result will not be updated.  This legacy content was last updated in March 2013, however it is still a useful resource when it comes to creating your own Accessible content.

Please ensure that the content you create is Accessible for people who may require it, especially if you plan to re-use content in the future.  It is far easier to create content that is accessible straight away, than attempt to go back and fix it later.  Please do not risk leaving people at a disadvantage by creating unsuitable content.

For further advice and information on making electronic teaching material accessible, you can contact the Library and Learning Centre (LLC).  For information on how to contact the LLC, please visit their Contact Us page.

University of Dundee Staff Guides

  • Guide to creating accessible Microsoft Office content.
  • Guide to creating accessible PDF documents.
  • e-Books and Reading List Advice for LLC Staff (.docx download).
  • e-Books and Reading List Advice for Teaching Staff (.docx download).