Reading list & e-books

General Guidance – on choosing/procuring an book for a reading list

Step 1 – Is the book available as an e-book from the LLC in the accessible category (If yes skip steps below)

UoD library e-book collections

High level of accessibility for disabled readers

Some barriers for disabled readers

Significant barriers for disabled readers

Palgrave MyiLibrary EBL
Springer Wiley NetLibrary
Safari DawsonEra
Pro-Quest – Literature Online

Step 2- Is an e-book available for personal purchase ? (If yes skip steps below)

  • Kindle, iBooks and DRM free ePub books are generally accessible

Step 3 – Published after 2008 ?

  • It is likely that we can obtain an e-copy from the publisher if it was published after 2008

Step 4 – Published in the EU  ? ( Avoid US/Canadian publishers)

  • EU publishers are generally more co-operative and will supply e-books at no extra charge
  • US publishers are generally more bureaucratic and require an overpriced additional purchase

Step 5 – Alternative learning material?

All learners have different learning styles. Consider;

  • YouTube or video resources
  • Recent web pages
  • Online learning tools