1. The Braille embosser (printer) is noisy! Check that you will not be disturbing others when in use, and always ensure the room door is closed.
  2. You will need training prior to using this equipment.

The process of making a Braille document involves translating a text document into Braille using a piece of software called Duxbury. Braille does not directly replicate English.

For more information on Braille see

To produce Braille you need an embosser (similar to a printer). We use the Everest embosser in the Alternative Formats Service.


Step 1 – Load Duxbury

Open up Duxbury program, by Start > 3-Output > Braille Output DBT

Step 2

When Duxbury has loaded select:

  • File > open, and select your file (the file must be a .doc or .txt file)
  • Click <OK>
  • A second dialogue box requests you to select a template and file type
  • From the ‘Template’ window scroll down and select : ‘English (British)- with capitals’
  • From the ‘Import Filter’ window scroll down and select : ‘Microsoft Word 6 or later’

Step 3

The file will open. This will look similar to a plain text file. Then select File > Translate (Keyboard shortcut ctrl+t)

The window will now show a visual display of the Braille document.

Step 4

To make Braille:

  • Turn on the Everest embosser machine
  • Load Braille Paper (normal paper cannot be used)
  • From Duxbury select File > Emboss (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E)

The embosser should now start embossing the Braille document.

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