HELPSHEET – Fujitsu Scanner

The instructions for loose leaf scanning are on the notice board in the Cave.

The following formats are suitable for scanning;

  • Loose document sheets
  • Handouts
  • A book with the spine cut off
  • A booklet with the spine cut off
  • Printed documents

This scanner is capable of scanning both sides of a page in one operation

Scanning – Instructions

Step 1 – Load the scanning software

  • Create a new folder to hold the scanned images
  • Turn on the scanner
  • Search for and open ‘ScandAllPRO’ from the Start menu

Step 2 – Scanner settings

  • Select the ‘Scan’ menu and then ‘Scan Settings’.
  • Browse to the folder you want to save the scanned images to.
  • Modify the Name Rule to the book name.
  • Modify the Scanner Settings so that the paper source is ‘Feeder (both sides).

Step 3 – Scan the material

  • Load 50 sheets of the material into the scanner. The top page should face away from you, and be upside down. (Practice with a few sheets the first time you use the scanner)
  • Click ‘Scan’ (The program will automatically save each page as a new .jpg file, and each file will be give a name and unique number.
  • The programme will notify you once those pages have been scanned. Load the next 50 sheets and press ‘Yes’.

Close the programme when you have finished scanning and convert the images to text, following the instructions on how to convert images to text.