HELPSHEET – OpticBook Scanner

When scanning books to be converted into an alternative format, we use a book scanner called an Opticbook.


To start Abbyy Fine reader, either;

  • Double click on the icon on the desktop.
  • Type “Abbyy” into the start menu and click “ABBYY Finereader 12”.
  • Go to Start>All Programs>Abbyy Finereader 12

Start Scanning

Once you have opened up ABBYY, click “scan” in the top left corner to begin a new book.

Remember to check the book has not already been started. If it has then follow the instructions toward the bottom of the page

 Scanner Settings

  • Typically scanning should done in colour, but may occasionally be required in black and white or greyscale. You can find this out by checking the request from or the work record, or by just looking at the rest of the page to see if they have been scanned in colour or not. If this is not specified, keep the scanning in colour as this can always be changed to greyscale later.
  • To scan the page, place the page that you want to be scanned on the scanner, ensuring that the page is up against the far-right edge of the scanner surface, next to the buttons, and click “scan page”.

  • The scanner will need to warm up the first time you click this, so it won’t do anything for a while. Don’t worry – this is normal. Once warmed up, the scanner will scan the page.
  • Once the page is scanned, put the next page on the scanner and repeat the process.
  • If you get into a routine and are doing it fairly quickly then you can click the option just above the scan page button in “advanced settings” that says “hide scanner dialogue box and pause for 10 seconds between pages”. This will start the scanning process and the window will disappear. Once the page has scanned, get the next page to be scanned ready and the scanner will scan it automatically 10 seconds later.
  • Once you have finished scanning, click “close” if you are scanning manually or click the “stop” button in the top left corner (the one you click to begin scanning at the start) if you are scanning automatically and it will stop.

Converting the book into a word document



Continuing a book?

To continue working on a book that either you or someone else has already started.

  • Click “File”, then “Open FineReader Document”
  • The document will be saved in the L drive in  “My Computer”, in a folder with the same name as the book.
  • Once you have found the FineReader file open it and then click the scan button as shown in the picture.
  • This should open a new window.


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