Come work in the cave!

Come work in the cave – transforming books for visually impaired and print disabled users. The cave is the unofficial name for our room in the main library.

The Alternative Formats Suite at Dundee University is recruiting volunteers to adapt books into versions that are more easily read by students with reading or physical disabilities.  Among other things you will make documents that can be read in Braille, Kindle, iPad and large print

Why does the service exist?

  • only 7%  of new books in 2011 were fully accessible (RNIB)
  • The delay in requesting and receiving an alternative format can be improved with this local solution
  • Large volumes of academic material are not in a usable format, which prevents equal access to education

What can you do?

  • We need a small team to help us convert the books, and are looking for at least 2 hours per week from each volunteer – in return you will learn many new computer skills such as scanning and formatting documents professionally and you will be helping students to learn.
  • Improve your proof reading, make audio books, convert books for kindle format and use Microsoft Word to produce professional documents.
  • The project is flexible with regards to the times of day and evening
  • We are currently not in a position to contribute to “out of pocket” or travel expenses

You can view our volunteer policy and descriptions of the roles that exist within the service.

Apply Here.

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer with us, please complete our application form.