Working in The Cave

Help and Reference

This page is intended as a reference after initial volunteer training. If you need help you can email the team on or call us on the mobile number pinned to the notice board


  1. Sign in at the front desk for the key and pass
  2. Come into the cave and turn on the lights and the PC
  3. Sign in as Student – password pinned to the notice board

Identifying the work to be done

  1. Look for the folder on the shelf marked ‘Current Bookes to be scanned’.
  2. Inside this folder are work records for the next 10 books/chapters that need to be scanned and/or formatted. They are ordered in terms of priority so complete the job nearest the front of the folder first.
  3. Once you have finished scanning/ formatting for the day it is important that you record where you started and left off on the relevant page so the next person can pick up from where you left off

Here is an example of a work record (docx).


When leaving, please remember to;

  1. Shut down the computer you were using,
  2. Turn off the computer screens,
  3. Turn off the scanners,
  4. Make sure the door is locked.

Lets begin!!!

Stage 1 – Using the scanner and saving as PDF

We have made a detailed help-sheet (docx)

Stage 2 – Accessible PDF (under development)

Help Sheet on making accessible-PDFs (docx)

Stage 3 – Creating a master Word document

This is a more complex process but can be mastered after training. You will need to follow the staff help information and the instructions on exporting text to MS word.

Stage 4 – Producing the alternative format (e.g. Braille, large print)

This is where you produce the alternative format from the master document in word. The alternative format will most likely be large print, small print, braille or audio. Steps to do  most of these are provided in the training booklet

Stage 5 – Upload to My Dundee

Once the material has been converted into an alternative format it will be uploaded to a module on my.dundee for students to access.  This step requires extra training, and not all volunteers will have access at the start

Equipment Guides

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