Establishing biofumigation as a sustainable pesticide replacement for control of soil-borne pests and pathogens in potato and horticultural crops

This project brings together the complementary expertise and experience of academics, levy boards, agronomists and growers to provide a fundamental understanding of the biochemistry of brassica accessions with the potential to be used in biofumigation. It defines how plant development, environmental perturbations and management practices impact on the effectiveness of this sustainable form of pest control and the biochemical mechanisms that underpin it.

  • Academic: Roy Neilson
  • Collaborators: Stuart MacFarlane (JHI), Lionel Dupuy (JHI), Tim Daniell (JHI), University of Leeds (PI), University of York, Agrii, Barworth Agriculture, Biotechnical Solutions Ltd., G & D Matthews, Hay Farming, Plant Solutions, Richard Austin Agriculture, RJ & AE Godfrey Farms, AHDB-Potato Council, AHDB-Horticultural Development Company
  • Funding: BBSRC-HAPI
  • Value: £1.33m
  • Dates: Apri 2014 to March 2018