MERMAID: Innovative Multi-purpose offshore platforms: planning, design and operation

The extensive offshore developments which will take place within the next 10 years will have to be optimized in order to reduce the energy costs, to find sufficient ocean space for both aquaculture and renewable resources but at the same time minimize the negative environmental impact. MERMAID will develop concepts for the next generation of offshore platforms which can be used for multiple purposes. The project will theoretically examine new concepts, such as combining structures for energy extraction, aquaculture and platform related transport and UoD are contributing to the geotechnical engineering of the foundations/moorings.

  • Academic: Andrew Brennan
  • Collaborators: Prof. Erik Damgaard Christensen (Technical University Denmark) and 27 other universities/research institutes and industrial partners from across Europe
  • Funding: NERC
  • Project Value: €5.5M (Dundee £184k)
  • Dates: January 2012 – December 2015