National sustainability in Scotland and Wales

This project assesses the strength of the connections between nationalist discourses (including but not limited to independence discourses) and discourses of sustainability in Scotland and in Wales and how these connections operate in practice. The project uses two case studies, one based in Wales (the move towards a single environmental body) and one in Scotland centred on the debates surrounding independence for Scotland.

More specifically, the research answers two main research questions:

1. To what extent do nationalist discourses include references to sustainability, in what form and how??

2. To what extent do sustainability and environmental discourses in Scotland and Wales contain aspects of nationalism and, if so, how and why?

  • Academic: Andrea Ross
  • Collaborators: Rhys Jones (Aberwyswyth)
  • Funding: AHRC
  • Value: £40,000
  • Dates: February 2014 to April 2014