Step-by-step guide: Accessing an app with a self-registration key

Some apps are only available to users with permission, ie SITS or a licence, ie Adobe Acrobat Pro, to use them. In these cases we will provide you with a “self-registration” key which is a unique code that you register in the Managed Desktop and then the app is released to your Apps on Demand folder.

We have produced a step-by step guide to help you do this.

What do I need to do before I am migrated?

Before migration you should:

Can I personalise my desktop?

Yes! You can change the desktop theme, wallpaper, desktop icons, task bar, mouse pointers and account picture and add time and weather gadgets.

Where can I find out about Windows 7 & Office 2010?

Support for Windows 7 & Office 2010 is available at:

Is University hardware compatible with Windows 7?

A scan of University hardware has shown that the vast majority of PCs can work with Windows 7. In the small number of cases where equipment does not meet the minimum requirements we will work with your department to find a solution.

How will user requirements be gathered?

Each department will be asked to nominate a local contact, who will arrange for users to complete a requirements form. We will use this to ensure the applications you require are available to you via Apps on Demand, and we have taken any special requirements into consideration.

When can I get the Managed Desktop?

The rollout of the Managed Desktop is currently being piloted within ICS. Once we have completed the pilot, and have implemented any feedback, we will be rolling out to the rest of the University. If you are interested in using the Desktop please log a call at