Staff can get the apps they need in the following ways:

  1. Built in
  2. Apps on Demand
  3. Pre-approved apps
  4. Online

You can download a full list of all our apps:

  • Apps Weekly Release: Please note that this is updated regularly as we gather user requirements

1. Built in

The following all come with every installation of the Managed Desktop:

  • Windows 7 standard programmes
  • Office 2013
  • McAfee VirusScan

2. Apps on Demand

  • Visit the Apps on Demand folder in your desktop.
  • Click on the app and it will download. You will not have to do this again for your PC.
  • Click on Start > All programmes and launch your app.

As we rollout the Managed Desktop we will receive requests from staff for apps that are not yet available in Apps on Demand – this is all part of the process.

Apps requiring permission

Some apps require staff to have permission before accessing them i.e. SITS, CODA. These can be requested using the online form.

Apps requiring a licence

Some software requires each user to have a personal licence. If you need an app that requires a licence, i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project, request this using the online form.

You will need to provide a cost centre and the email address of the person responsible for expenditure on that cost centre.

3. Pre-approved apps

Certain apps come from trusted publishers. You can download apps from the following sites without requiring an administrator.

  • Adobe Systems
  • Apple Inc
  • XHEO Inc
  • Avecto
  • Oracle America Inc
  • Skype Technologies
  • textHELP systems
  • Vmware inc

4. Online

If you try and install an app that is not from a pre-approved supplier a pop-up box will appear. You can enter the business reason for installing the app and then a request is sent to Service Desk for the app to be checked and approved.