How do I connect to a Managed Desktop using Remote Desktop Connection?

Once you have configured your PC as described in Managed Desktop – Setup Remote Desktop you are ready to connect.

To connect follow this guide – Connecting via Remote Desktop Connection to your Managed Desktop PC.

What is the Managed Laptop and how do I use it?

The Managed Laptop is configured in a similar manner to the Managed Desktop but allows for more flexibility when off-campus. For information and advice on using the Managed Laptop see the document, Managed Desktop – Laptop Usage

To have your laptop configured with the Managed Laptop please log a request with our Service Desk through self-service portal or Online Enquiry form.


How do I set up remote desktop access to my Managed Desktop PC?

The attached document Managed Desktop – Setup Remote Desktop provides instructions on how to do this.

Update: PC Specifications

An often asked question relates to the minimum specification required to run the Managed Desktop. The development team have responded with both a recommended specification and an absolute minimum required. Read more »

What should I do with the add-on prompts I am getting in Internet Explorer 9?

When browsing you will occasionally see messages on a Notification bar at the top of the screen about add-ons.

Add-ons provide extra features to Internet Explorer (IE) and you are usually prompted to give permission to install them, although they can install in the background and as part of other programmes. It is up to you whether you allow add-ons. They will be required for some websites, but you should be aware that they will slow down the performance of IE.

More info about the Notification bar and managing add-ons is available from Microsoft.

Why do I see Windows Update pop-up boxes?

Microsoft issues Windows Updates every second Tuesday of the month  (“patch” Tuesday). These updates can be related security, errors or functionality. In ICS we review these updates and then push them out to the CLT and Staff Managed Desktops one week later.

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What do I need to do before I am migrated?

Before migration you should:

Can I personalise my desktop?

Yes! You can change the desktop theme, wallpaper, desktop icons, task bar, mouse pointers and account picture and add time and weather gadgets.

Where can I find out about Windows 7 & Office 2010?

Support for Windows 7 & Office 2010 is available at: