Email issue – users experiencing slowness using webmail

We are aware that some users are finding email very slow when accessing it using or via the ‘OWA’ application on devices. Microsoft have advised that upgrading from IE 9 to 11 may resolve this issue.

This blog posts describes what we are doing to support users and how to remedy the issue in certain situations.


Students using PCs in central IT Suites (including the Library)
Staff using PCs in centrally managed teaching rooms

  • The Central Learning & Teaching (CLT) Desktop used in IT Suites and teaching rooms will be updated next week (w/b 1 September 2014) from IE 9 to IE 11 and will address any email performance issues

Students and staff using personal devices

  • For Windows devices we recommend you update your internet browser to IE 11.
  • For Mac devices we recommend you update your internet browser to Firefox 31.
  • Android and iOS devices are unaffected.

Staff using Managed Desktop PCs

  • This guidance applies to those staff members who do NOT use CODA.
  • We recommend that you download IE11 from ‘apps on demand’. This will involve you restarting your PC.
  • UoD IT will release IE11 as standard on all Managed Desktop devices in due course.

CODA users on Managed Desktop (PC)

  • UoD IT have tested the CODA web app which has highlighted that a particular function is not working as expected in IE11. CODA users are therefore advised to remain using IE9.
  • If you require to access webmail, as opposed to the Outlook client, we recommend that you download and use Chrome or Firefox from ‘apps on demand’. This will involve you restarting your PC.
  • UoD IT are continuing to work with the Finance team to resolve this issue and we will provide an update in due course.

Staff using non Managed Desktop PCs

Information on recommended email software can be found on Microsoft’s Office 365 webpages.

  • If you have any questions about this guidance please contact the Service Desk.

Advanced information

Further help and support

We are here to help you get the most out of your day. Please contact the Service Desk by telephoning 01382 388000, emailing , or by visiting the Service Desk in the Main Library.,

SCCM 2012 – new Desktop management tool

The UoD IT Desktop team, CAMS, CLS and some college IT analysts are working together to migrate the Central Learning and Teaching (CLT) desktop to a new Desktop management tool called Microsoft SCCM 2012 R2 or SCCM 2012 for short.

The migration to SCCM 2012 will allow us to remove ZENworks as the primary Desktop Management tool at the University. This new tool will help us deploy operating systems and applications as well as report on asset inventory and application usage.

A large part of this migration work involves repackaging approximately 290 applications in time for the start of the academic year 2014/2015. As you can image this is quite a task and it is keeping all those involved pretty busy.

The Managed Desktop will also be migrated to this new tool and will replace Apps on Demand with an Application Catalog (sic). Work will not start on this migration until the CLT Desktop has been deployed.

(Application Catalog example)
SCCM 2012 Application Catalog

The move to SCCM 2012 helps us to reduce our licence costs and align our infrastructure.

If you would like any more information about SCCM 2012 then please do not hesitate to leave a question on the blog.

Managed Desktop Survey – the results are in

Thank you for your responses to the Managed Desktop Survey – we received 100 responses in one week. Your feedback is very encouraging– your responses told us that more than 75% of  users are satisfied/very satisfied with the Managed Desktop; find it easy to use and it suits your requirements. Our support teams are particularly happy that you found the transition easy to make and the training and support was good.

You can download the Managed Desktop Survey Results.

We enjoyed reading your comments and can address some of your comments with sharing the tips below and letting you know what’s next.

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When can I get the Managed Desktop?

The rollout of the Managed Desktop is currently being piloted within ICS. Once we have completed the pilot, and have implemented any feedback, we will be rolling out to the rest of the University. If you are interested in using the Desktop please log a call at

Welcome! Let us tell you about the new Managed Desktop

The Managed Desktop offers:

  • Windows 7
  • Office 2013
  • Apps on Demand, allowing you to install the business applications you need
  • Safe environment with automatic security updates
  • Tools to personalise your desktop
  • Lower ownership costs for departments
  • Solutions for users with complex requirements

The rollout is supported by the University Senior Management Team and will reduce the support costs to departments as well as providing a more empowered way of working for users.