New Student Desktop 2014

UoD IT is updating the Central Learning & Teaching (CLT) Student Desktop for 2014 in time for the new academic session.

Key features of this year’s Student Desktop are:

  • The operating system will use Windows 7;
  • Login times are faster;
  • Internet Explorer is bang up to date with version 11;
  • We are responding to your needs and have added around 100 new applications to support you with your learning;
  • The wallpaper has been changed – so you’ll know you’re on the new Desktop; and,
  • The ‘Supportive Software’ folder has been renamed to ‘Learning Technology’ – it does what it says on the tin!

Applications available on the new Student Desktop

Applications removed from the CLT Student Desktop
o    Adobe Digital Editions
o    Bamboo installer
o    BFI Screenonline
o    Cute PDF
o    Chromas Lite v2.01
o    Discover Radio
o    EpiInfo 3.5.3
o    Histology Slide Viewer
o    Lingoes Translator
o    MindGenius 3.7
o    Minitab 16
o    MorphoJ
o    PuTTY
o    RasMol
o    Sage Planning for Business
o    SGA_AP
o    SigmaPlot 12.5
o    SPSS legacy file viewer
o    Visual Studio 2010 Pro
o    WinSCP

Locations you can access the Student Desktop 2014

Help & Support

We hope you enjoy the new Student Desktop 2014. If you have any questions or feedback please contact Help4U.

Step-by-step guide: Accessing an app with a self-registration key

Some apps are only available to users with permission, ie SITS or a licence, ie Adobe Acrobat Pro, to use them. In these cases we will provide you with a “self-registration” key which is a unique code that you register in the Managed Desktop and then the app is released to your Apps on Demand folder.

We have produced a step-by step guide to help you do this.