New Apps this week

1) Microsoft Office 2013 (side by side) installer now available from: Apps on Demand > Business Apps.

  • This installer allows you to run both Office 2010 and Office 2013 on the same machine, thus allowing you to run the new version while retaining a working Office 2010 version. The exception to this is Outlook. You can only have 1 version of Outlook on a PC.

With this installer Outlook is upgraded to 2013 and cannot easily be reverted back to 2010.

2) Adobe Digital Editions installer now available from: Apps on Demand > Supportive Software

3) Gladstone installer (User group membership only)

4) The following applications are available to purchase. (Submit the Request App form, available from Apps on Demand.)

  • Microsoft Project Professional 2013 installer
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 installer


New Apps on Managed Desktop and CLT Desktop

Managed Desktop

A new version of Dropbox (v2.0.8) is now available from Apps on Demand

Adobe Design standard CS6 is now available to purchase. (Submit the Request App form, available from Apps on Demand.) This includes:

  • Acrobat X Pro
  • AdobeIllustrator
  • CS6 Adobe InDesign
  • CS6 Adobe Photoshop CS6

CLT Desktop

New version of Skype (v6.3) available from, Start menu > Internet & Communications

What is the Managed Laptop and how do I use it?

The Managed Laptop is configured in a similar manner to the Managed Desktop but allows for more flexibility when off-campus. For information and advice on using the Managed Laptop see the document, Managed Desktop – Laptop Usage

To have your laptop configured with the Managed Laptop please log a request with our Service Desk through self-service portal or Online Enquiry form.


New Apps on Managed Desktop

MATLAB R2012b application installer is now available on the Managed Desktop / Laptop and can be found in Business Apps. It installs a suite of 75 applications. For the full list, see below. See also Apps Weekly Release Read more »

Update to Managed Desktop local Desktop directory

Currently when a Managed Desktop User saves something to the Desktop it is stored locally on the PC. If the PC or hard disk is broken, or needs replacing, there is potential for this data to be lost. To address this, we intend to redirect the local Desktop directory on the Managed Desktop to Users H:\Desktop. This change will be implemented on: Monday, 29th April, 2013 between 08.00 and 08:15

Thereafter, any files saved to your Desktop will be saved to your H:\ drive and automatically backed up.

Before this work takes place all Managed Desktop Users should file or move anything they want to keep on their Desktop to their H:\ drive Desktop folder.

For more information and instructions see attached document Change 219 Managed Desktop redirect information

Weekly Software Release Update – 20/03/2013

The following pieces of software and updates have been released to the Managed Desktop/Laptop this week WSUS-Report-2013-03

Advisory: Oracle Java Vulnerabilities – Reference No. 59470

We are making changes to the way Java is installed on the Managed Desktop/Laptop which means it will no longer be available automatically but you will be able to install the app from the ‘Apps on Demand’ folder. This does not apply to the CLT Desktop (IT Suites and teaching rooms). Read more »

How do I set up remote desktop access to my Managed Desktop PC?

The attached document Managed Desktop – Setup Remote Desktop provides instructions on how to do this.

Weekly Software Release Update – 08/03/2013

The following pieces of software and updates have been released to the Managed Desktop/Laptop this week. Read more »

Updating Adobe applications

We are receiving reports that some Adobe products fail to auto-update. An error message states the “the installer could not initialize” (sic).

This is a widespread problem with Windows 7 and is not isolated to the Managed Desktop.
We advise you to not update any Adobe products until a solution has been found for this problem.