Managed Desktop Survey – the results are in

Thank you for your responses to the Managed Desktop Survey – we received 100 responses in one week. Your feedback is very encouraging– your responses told us that more than 75% of  users are satisfied/very satisfied with the Managed Desktop; find it easy to use and it suits your requirements. Our support teams are particularly happy that you found the transition easy to make and the training and support was good.

You can download the Managed Desktop Survey Results.

We enjoyed reading your comments and can address some of your comments with sharing the tips below and letting you know what’s next.

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What do I need to do before I am migrated?

Before migration you should:

When can I get the Managed Desktop?

The rollout of the Managed Desktop is currently being piloted within ICS. Once we have completed the pilot, and have implemented any feedback, we will be rolling out to the rest of the University. If you are interested in using the Desktop please log a call at