Evolution & Behaviour @Dundee

This research group is led by Fhionna Moore of the Department of Psychology at the University of Dundee.

I am a psychologist and behavioural ecologist interested in the ways in which individuals translate environmental conditions and stressors into behaviour, via physiological and psychological processes. For example, we are looking at the ways in which the gendered human social environment influences emotional distress and suicidality. In another, I have investigated the effects of stress-hormones on men’s immune responses and sexual behaviour. This has led on to a cross-species analysis of the roles of stress hormones in sexual signalling, as well as studies of the ways in which males of a variety of species allocate their somatic resources to reproduction, growth, immunity, and survival under stress. I am also currently working on a series of projects to identify environmental predictors of stress (with a focus on emotional distress and suicide) in Scotland.

I lead the Tayside Suicide Research Networ, a multidisciplinary knowledge-sharing and research hub designed to promote research into suicide.

I am Psychology Advisor tothe Tayside Multiagency Suicide Review Group.

I collaborate with researchers from Finland, Latvia, South Africa and the UK (e.g. St Andrews, Queen Margaret). I also work

with NHS 24 (Breathing Space).

Contact: f.moore “at” dundee.ac.uk