Online experiment goes live

My first online experiment at Dundee is now available for anyone to take part in. Just click here. And please feel free to forward the link to anyone else who might want to take part!

British Science Festival 2012

My colleagues from St Andrews, Abertay, Stirling and Glasgow and I will be presenting a talk (“Mating, Dating and Relating: The Science of Attraction”) at this year’s British Science Festival. We’re talking in the Fraser Noble Building from 6 – 8pm on Friday 7th September. Full programme.

Workshop on Applied Evolutionary Psychology at University of Dundee

I’m holding a workshop for Scottish evolutionary psychologists on 30th August in the School of Psychology. We’ll be discussing the applications of ev psych, and listening to talks by Tony Little and Craig Roberts (both University of Stirling). The workshop is the first in a series funded by the Human Behavior & Evolution Society.