4 PhD studentships available

The School of Psychology, University of Dundee is inviting applications for 4 funded PhD studentships to start in the autumn.

If you’re interested in proposing a project from an evolutionary perspective, please get in touch! fmoore@dundee.ac.uk

Seminar at Stirling

On Thursday 14th I gave a talk to the Division of Psychology at Stirling on my research into the effects of stress on sexual signalling. Writing the talk made me realise how little we know about the hormonal underpinnings of sexual trait expression, and how many avenues are open to us in this field. There were some interesting questions, which made me think about at which stage of development hormonal profiles are most important for influencing sexual traits.

HBES workshop @ Dundee

The second of the Human Behavior & Evolution Society workshops took place last week at the School of Psychology in Dundee. This session was on the Behavioural Immune System, and we heard from Dr Corey Fincher and Dr Lisa DeBruine, both of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow. The next, and final workshop will give postgrads an opportunity to present and will be held later in the spring.