Publication on trade-offs between growth, immunity and survival in wax moths

My collaborators and I have found that larvae of the greater wax moth (Galleria mellonella) fed on a high energy diet showed rapid growth and weak immunity, whereas those in a low-energy food condition showed the strongest immune response and slower growth. Larvae of the low-energy food group survived for longer than those in the high-energy food group. The results suggests trade-offs between growth, immunity and survival, and that these are dependent upon nutritional quality of diet. The results were published in Insect Science (doi:10.1111/1744-7917.12132).

Congratulations to Jaime and Ethan

Congratulations to Jaime Benjamin who gave her first conference poster at EHBEA in Bristol this year. She presented her preliminary findings from an experimental manipulation of women’s perceived status and effects on mate preferences.

Ethan Lumb has been nominated for the Undergraduate Award of the Psychology of Women Section of the BPS, and will present his undergraduate dissertation at their annual conference in Windsor next month. He will also be giving three talks over the rest of the summer, one of which will be on his MSc dissertation work looking at women’s reproductive strategies during industrialisation in Dundee.

Sexy Science!

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Welcome to Tapashree, James, Liam and Charlotte

Who are all involved in collecting data for our analysis of gendered social roles, health and reproduction in historical Dundee.