Fhionna Moore
I’m a lecturer based in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee. My research spans psychology (evolutionary and social), biology (endocrinology and immunology) and behavioural ecology in order to model social, psychological and physiological mediators of behaviour.

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Charlotte Elliott (PhD Student: Masculinity and suicide)
Charlotte is interested in how masculine social roles and stereotypes influence the suicide rate.

Jaime Benjamin (PhD Student: Social Status and Mate Choice)
Jaime has a background in social psychology, and is interested in the ways in which evolutionary and social psychological theories can be combined to explain reproductive behaviour in contemporary human populations.

Mairi Macleod (Research Assistant: Modelling suicide risk in Scotland)
Mairi has a PhD in behavioural ecology and a successful career in science journalism. She is joining us to work on our Richard Benjamin Trust funded project on the environmental predictors of suicidal behaviour and distress in Scotland.

MSc Dissertations:

Petra Lipnik is working on sleep disturbances in older adults, and Debbie Gray on sleep disturbances in primary care – both with links to mental health.

Martin Bell, Eleanor Smith, and Joanna Beaumont are working on analysing ecological predictors of incidents of suicidal behaviour on the Tay Road Bridge.

Undergraduate Dissertations:
Zoe Campbell, Zoe Blackwood, Aimee MacDonald, Amy McCoull, and Egle Dalinkeviciute are exploring inter-relationships between gendered social role occupation, relationship quality, stress, and mental health.

Former Lab Members:

Robin Sloan:  Emotional Avatars.MSc:

Lizzie Hannaford is working on life events and psychological wellbeing in older adults.
Kathryn Wilson is working on suicide risk assessment by clinicians.
Cormac Murray is interested in group identification and wellbeing in caregivers.
Alison Gibson Suicide risk assessment
Catrina Stansfield MSc: Analysis of psychological services for older adults
Ethan Lumb: Gender and Reproductive Decisions During Industrialisation.
Rachel Wallace:  Hormones & Psychopathy.
Amira Oudeh:  Teenage pregnancy in Dundee.
Csilla Gulyas: Mood & self-perceived attractiveness.

Eleri & Henry Bruce Research Assistants