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One IT

Our strategy

Balances academically led innovation with robust enterprise systems.

This requires a review of working relationships, coordination of resources and teams across the University to bring forward 'One IT'.

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One IT defined
The efficient coordination of resources in those teams supporting information systems across the University.

This requires significant organisational change.

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Our Goals

Develop and maintain an excellent information environment which is responsive to new technologies and which is supported by a more coherent relationship between support functions.
Core systems
Improve the use of and return from core systems, adding to them carefully with integrated reporting facilities and new functions.
Staff information competencies
For staff groups, define appropriate levels of information competences and ensure these are acquired, maintained and displayed.
Maintain a rolling programme of investment in facilities and systems, supported by modernisation of management processes.
These goals will help support
  • The Student and Staff Experience
  • World Class Research
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Responsible IT
Photograph of student being helped by a member of staff

Our Plan

Create a single UoD IT organisation
One that shares and manages our talent, and enables transparency with IT spending.
Invest in our core infrastructure

These are the first things we must do.

This means we will...
  • Provide career development opportunities for our staff
  • Centralise and standardise technologies
  • Eliminate 'Us vs Them' thinking
  • Eliminate waste and duplication
  • Provide clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Remove single points of failure
  • Gain economies of scale

We've set an ambitious plan to reach the next academic year 2015/16 and beyond.

Photograph of student being helped by a member of staff

Our Principles

One IT
We all work together across the University to achieve the goal of becoming Scotland's leading University.
IT Operational
We must be the best at what we do in order to provide value.
Secure Compliant Computing
We will meet our legal and moral responsibilities in safeguarding our data and it is embedded in everything that we do.
Customer Service
We will understand the opportunities and challenges that all of our customers face and partner with them to develop solutions.
Continuous Service Improvement
We must stay current with the rapidly changing landscape of the University and its desires for excellence.

We are always mindful of the University of Dundee values, valuing people, working together,
integrity, excellence and making a difference.

What's Next...

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