Transforming customer experience

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Join us in the launch of our new Service Management (SM) Tool, TOPdesk, which promises to improve the way we work as One IT at the University of Dundee. This project aims to shape the way our services and support are delivered to transform your experience at the University.

Starting to appear from Tuesday 14th February 2017 onwards…

You’ll notice two main differences with your IT Help4U soon:
A new look self-service portal
This is what you will use to find 24/7 troubleshooting information to help you resolve your own IT issues quickly. The new portal will have a more modern, intuitive design which we intend to develop further.

Slightly different auto-generated emails
Each time you log a help request an email trail begins in your account. Key messages will be issued via new-look emails, and other related messages will be found in the self-service portal. We will only send you additional emails when we think you need to know about something or need information from you.

What will this mean for you?

Take control. You will have the opportunity to solve your own customer queries independently with the new self-service portal. Over the short to medium term we will be updating the self-service portal with easy, quick fix instructions to help resolve your common, everyday issues.

A ‘you’ view. Easier access to knowledge and information that relates to you and your services. In the near future, you will be able to browse the new Service Catalogue to find out what IT Services are on offer to you.

Speed where it matters. Better customer call flow behind the scenes means a more accurate routing of calls, resulting in faster response to your requests.


Why are we doing this?

To ensure our services are designed to meet your needs, first and foremost. We are simplifying our tools and processes, removing barriers that make it difficult for you to get the information or help you need, quickly, in a way you’ll easily become familiar with.

We need to build a strong foundation for the future development and management of UoD’s services that will enable the teams involved to provide the best possible support to the staff and students of UoD – this project represents the start of that journey

– Joe Peter, Project Manager and IT Business Partner


Increasing our focus on the needs of our customers is a big part of the IT Transformation vision and we’re using our core principles to deliver and lead the way. That customer service focus will always be important and this development is key to improving your experience and supporting the work you do.

We have been listening to your feedback and we understand that you want to place requests for IT service and support in a way that is easy and responsive wherever you are.  I truly believe this will contribute to the overall success of the University and help make your experience a first-class one

– Julie Christie, Project Sponsor and Assistant Director of IT (End User Services)

Shape your experience.

You’re forever at the ❤️ of what we do. We need your help refine the new tool along the way. Any issues or suggestions? Please do fill out the quick form below.

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