LLC&CI Scholarly Resources for 20/21

The Library & Learning Centre and Culture & Information are working to increase the provision of online resources for blended module delivery and to create new routes to physical resources in the run up to 20/21. This is a complex mix including system updates, national procurement frameworks, reviews of existing provision, return to campus processes, and requirements for additional expenditure.

You can be reassured that the LLC&CI already offers significant online resource content, including books, journals, video, sound, and newspapers. Established workflows for resource provision are being adapted flexibly to understand and meet new requirements. Details of additional support are included below, and engagement with library colleagues on Resource Lists will ensure optimum support for teaching and enable University-wide planning and preparation for the coming year.


New Resource Package Requests

Schools should finalise any new requests for online scholarly resource packages required for online/blended learning delivery in 20/21 and provide details to the Resources Team using the form below by 10th July. Examples may include collections of ebooks, online video packages, publisher courseware, or journal packages. The LLC will investigate subscription options, licence costs and availability before collating details for Towards 20/21.

Covid-19: Request Additional Scholarly Resource Packages


Resource List Updates

Resource Lists remain the preferred route for managing the provision of resources to students, and these lists drive the requests and acquisitions workflows for individual titles and resources provided by the LLC. In response to Covid-19 and the move to blended module provision in Semester 1 20/21, all ‘Essential Reading’ items should be available online, and the LLC Resources teams are working to identify and license online versions, digitisations, and alternative formats.

Academic colleagues are asked to urgently review the ‘Essential Reading’ sections of Reading Lists by 16th July to remove items not required online, and to note new requests for resources or online resources they have identified:

Login to review Resource Lists

After this point, the LLC will temporarily freeze lists while making adjustments to start a mediated service from August onwards. LLC Resources Team staff will review all lists to convert print items to online resource links where possible and discuss alternate options with academic colleagues where online options cannot be sourced. National framework negotiations are underway with etextbook suppliers and where possible chapters will be digitised as cost effective resources.


Physical Resources

Physical resources remain key to many disciplines and not everything can be made available electronically for reasons of cost and availability. During the last 12 months, 42,037 unique print titles were borrowed (often in multiple copies) and of these titles only 2,344 have an equivalent matching e-book (6%). LLC are working with the Business Recovery Group to establish a Covid-Safe ‘Click and Collect’ service from the Main Library, and a Postal Service. A FreePost service to return library books has been set up.

If you require urgent access to physical research resources or are aware of physical resources which are critical to your on-campus teaching provision for 20/21, please make the LLC aware of them using the form:

Covid-19: Request Physical Scholarly Resources


Resources Support

Queries about any scholarly resource provision can be directed to the LLC Resources Team at

Digital Skills and Resources staff from the LLC are also available for weekly drop-in sessions.

Come along to any drop in session on Wednesdays 12 noon – 1pm to get support with identifying suitable eresources, editing existing resource lists and compiling new lists:

Weekly, Wednesday 12-1

In our Collaborate drop-in room


Existing Online Resource Provision

The LLC has established services for managing purchases based on resource lists for modules, along with digitisation requests, electronic Inter-Library Loans, Patron Driven Acquisition, e-first policy for student requested books, and ebook and online video packages. Adjustments are being made to systems, staffing, and support routes to increase the capacity of these existing services and teams.

Information about existing resources can help module leaders identify suitable material for blended learning approached in 20/21:

Types of Scholarly Resources

In addition:

Video, image, and sound resources

Ebook collections




Any query about scholarly resource provision can be sent to and the Resources Team will be on hand to assist.



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