Increase your online visibility with a Discovery Profile

 Pure and Discovery

Pure is the software that underpins Discovery, the University’s public facing institutional repository, and the portal through which a global audience can view the results of the University’s activities and research. It also provides a personalised platform for staff and research students to build a profile to showcase their work.

Who has access to a Discovery Profile?

Members of staff on Teaching and Scholarship, Teaching and Research, and Research only contracts are automatically allocated a Discovery Profile, as are all Research Postgraduate Students.

Why should you invest in a Discovery Profile?

Unlike static webpages, Discovery is constantly being updated with information about research publications, and it is you that has control of the content.

In itself, this may not appear to be a good enough reason to have a Profile, especially for those whose research and academic activities don’t result in traditional publications. However, Discovery can also be used to record activities such as exhibitions and performances, as well as artefacts, software and designs. This provides a permanent record of your research and activities which means that you are credited for it, and that others can build upon it, thereby extending your reach and impact.

You can also add a biography and additional text to describe your teaching and research, and link to external sites such as personal webpages and social media accounts.

To learn more about how to add content to Discovery and make the most of the opportunity to increase your online visibility, visit our Libguide or email for advice.




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