Making your Researchfish submission easier

The Project

With the Researchfish submission period approaching, we embarked on a new project in Research Services, to help ease the administrative element of the Researchfish submission for our researchers.

We heard of a new feature in Researchfish which allowed us to upload publication data linked to awards and started to explore the possibilities using data we have available in Discovery.

How did we know what publications to load under each award?

  • As part of our commitment to enhance records in Discovery, when we import and validate research outputs, we routinely check the publication for a reference to funder award, where we find one, we add a relation, this links the publication record to the award record in Discovery
  • We checked Europe PMC for Dundee publications and awards, where we found reference to a funder award for a Dundee publication, we added the relation to the record in Discovery
  • We checked existing data in Researchfish, where publications were recorded under the award, we made sure the link also existed in Discovery

With the publications linked to associated awards in Discovery, we then extracted this information and loaded to Researchfish.  There are many safeguards and data checks in place in the Researchfish upload process and this helps to ensure what we load is accurate and attached to the correct awards.

What should you do now?

  • Check the publications in Researchfish for the awards you are responsible for reporting outcomes, if publications have been added by us as part of this work, they will be visible for you to review, you will still need to approve them before they are submitted
  • Check that all publications you are reporting are included, although we have done our best to include as many as we can, there will be some we have missed and will still need you to enter the details as part of your return to Researchfish
  • Add any additional outcomes required to your award in Researchfish for publications, activities, collaborations, datasets etc.
  • Ensure you submit before the closing date at 16:00 hours on 11 March 2021.

If you have any questions about the Researchfish submission or any of the publication information which has loaded to Researchfish as part of this project, please get in touch by emailing us at






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