SafePod arrives in Main Library

At the beginning of the year we announced the exciting news that the University of Dundee had been successful in securing a SafePod. At the end of November the SafePod arrived and was installed on the top floor of the Main Library.


Earlier in the year a location on the top floor of Main Library was selected as a quiet space for researchers to use the SafePod and work began to prepare the area for arrival.  A team at Dundee included colleagues from Estates and Campus Services, IT and the Library and Learning Centre Culture and Information who worked to add services and prepare the area ahead of the November arrival of the SafePod.

Study area with desks and chairs
Study area before the SafePod preparation works began.

In the days leading up to install, the surrounding desks were moved temporarily to create an installation area for the team arriving with the SafePod.

Study area cleared and cordoned off with black and yellow tape
Surrounding desks moved to create a cordoned installation area.


SafePod arrives in Dundee

At the beginning of installation, a team arrived with the SafePod panels and work began to unload the vans and transport the SafePod components and tools to the top floor of the library.

Back view of two Luton vans with shutters raised to show boxes and panels within the van.
Two Luton vans with shutters raised to show SafePod components in the back.



Once everything was unpacked and moved to the top floor, the build began and quickly started to take shape. By the end of day one, the structure of the SafePod was in place and ready for services to be added on day two.

Wooden floor grid
Wooden floor grid forms the base for the SafePod, made up of 5×5 squares.


Installation site with wooden panels forming a box structure and tools in the surrounding space
SafePod structure starts to emerge with wood panels standing to form the shape of the SafePod.  Tools are laid out and surrounding the build.


Grey panelled exterior of the SafePod room with vestibule area containing frosted glass door and SafePod lettering
SafePod installation complete, a stand alone room with panelled exterior cladding in three shades of grey. A vestibule area on the right of the room leads to the entrance and includes SafePod lettering, a ramp for access and a frosted glass door. To the left of the SafePod shows the study desks on level 2 back in place.


Desk with 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, keyboard and fan sits in front of a grey acoustic panel wall, CCTV camera, door intercom and emergency alarm buttons on the left and a grey and white chair at the desk
SafePod interior with grey acoustic panel wall, desk with monitors, keyboard and mouse and security features on the left include CCTV and door intercom.


Work continues

We are progressing with the final preparation ahead of making the SafePod available for booking.  Our team are busy studying to become SafePod Coordinators and once complete will be there to manage the Dundee SafePod in line with SafePod Network (SPN) procedures, facilitate bookings and advise researchers on safe access to data in the space.

We look forward to announcing the opening of the SafePod early 2022.  Meantime, if you would like more information on the SafePod at Dundee email

The SPN is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and run by the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research. Both are part of the ADR UK programme. For more information about SafePod and the SPN visit the SafePod Network website. SafePod is a registered trademark of the University of St Andrews.






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