UKRI’S Open Access Policy on books and book chapters – an update

In a previous blogpost, Funded by UKRI? Planning to publish a book? Here’s what you need to know some details of UKRI’s policy on open access publication for books and chapters were outlined. As a reminder, the policy comes into effect on 1st January 2024 for any in-scope publications (academic monographs, book chapters and edited collections), published on or after that date. Further details on the policy can be found on UKRI’s website. UKRI has now made public some further detail on how the policy will operate in practice.

By the end of November 2023, UKRI will have established a web form which will allow Research Organisations to submit an application for costs associated with open access publication. It is important to note that UKRI do NOT want researchers to apply directly. Instead, all applications are to be handled by the appropriate service within each Research Organisation. Here at Dundee, the LLC’s Research Services Team will assume that responsibility, and in order to gather the required information, we have created our own Open Access Long-form Publishing Form. Institutions will pay the costs of publishing from their own resources, and will then be reimbursed by UKRI, if the application is successful.

UKRI have also provided some information on the level of funding available. All amounts are inclusive of VAT, where applicable:

  • Book processing charges (BPCs): £10,000 maximum
  • Chapter processing charges: £1,000 maximum
  • Diamond / non-BPC open access models (such as Subscribe to Open or Institutional Crowdfunding) : £6,000 maximum for first output, with an additional £3,000 available if two or more UKRI publications are being published under the collection
  • Third-party clearance costs: £2,000 maximum if required, but costs can also be claimed against original research grants

If the original research grant ended more than 7 years ago, then any resulting publications are exempt from the policy and thus are not eligible for funding.

Authors who are currently negotiating book contracts should aim to conclude these promptly, and inform Library Research Services of timescales, particularly if there is risk of moving beyond 1st January 2024 to finalise. Contracts signed in the new year may require amendment for the inclusion of open access at additional costs, or risk non-compliance with funders.

UKRI have now posted additional information on the operation of the scheme on their website.

Please contact us at if you require any assistance.



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