The MFA ASP course promotes expanded approaches to writing …

Develops written, verbal, critical, and analytical skills to a professional artistic and academic standard, to demonstrate an understanding of writing in the context of contemporary art.

Encourages innovative thinking in hybrid territories. While there is an established structure, the module material also responds to the students’ individual areas of investigation.

Art Writing – rethinking writing about art in terms of subjective experience, real or imagined encounter, and the relation between text, reader/viewer, and work of art – writing art?
Art History – politics, aesthetics, and ethics, considered in terms over and above the formal; processes, definitions, characters – art historical writing?
Art Text – the text as a work of art, independent of extraneous images or objects, and as image/object itself – an artist’s book?
Art Criticism – critical art writing?


Harriet MacMillan 2014

Dominique Cameron 2013

Dominique Cameron 2013




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