Seamus, Fallon and Stor do Science

Here are some natural (ish) demonstrations of my children ‘doing science’

Seamus does science

Imitation at 2 weeks (and outtake)

Seamus has plans (and object permanence) at 10 months

Mirror self-recognition (failure) at 10 months

Mirror self-recognition (success) at 22 months, natural test and mark test

Body scale errors at 22 months

Empathy at 22 months: self-focused and other-focused

Theory of mind at 32 months: normal and advanced but very disappointed 


Fallon does science

Imitation at 7 weeks with mum and with Seamus

Secure base behaviour at 9 months (with means end problem solving)

Body awareness and limited mirror self-awareness at 14 months

Helping at 14 months

Seamus (57 months) and Fallon (35 months) theory of mind and inhibition contrast

Seamus (72 months) and Fallon (49 months) do moral dilemmas part 1 and part 2.


Stor does science

Stor detects and enjoys contingency at 4 months

Protoconversation at 4 months

Stor passes the Piagetian bodily self-awareness task at 19 months.

Seamus (7 years), Fallon (5 years) and Stor (33 months) do the marshmallow test of self-control.


The science team got big – watch this space for Seamus, Fallon and Stor do adolescence!