The me in dementia

In 2020/21 the mini me lab grew up! I took up a British Academy Fellowship aimed at exploring theoretical links between the development of self, and the dissolution of self with age, and in memory conditions such as dementia. You can read more about this idea here and watch a public engagement film on the topic here.

In 2021 PhD student Aikaterini Mentzou joined the lab, funded by a Scottish Graduate Social of Social Science studentship across 2021 to 2024 to explore how the development of self in childhood might be applied to understand and address the deterioration of selfhood in dementia.

You can read her first pre-print explaining this idea here: Mentzou, A. & Ross, J. (under review). A developmental understanding of the self may provide valuable insight into the experience of selfhood in dementia. Infant and Child Development. Preprint available at

As her next step, Aikaterini is completing a systematic scoping review exploring what is currently known about change in the psychological self in people living with dementia. Watch this space!