Ransonware – Be Vigilant Please

You will see wide spread news reports regarding Ransonware affecting organisations across Europe and Asia.

We have tested and deployed access protection proactive measures which will protect all staff and student desktops as advised from our Vendor however please:

Educate yourself

An email cannot corrupt your device on its own, you have to interact with it. Think:

  • When you receive an email to your University account, consider if you were expecting correspondence on that topic, from that recipient. If you weren’t, and the message is calling for you to act either by sending information, clicking on an active link, or downloading an attachment, first ask the IT Service Desk to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Never tick/check enable macros on attachments, unless you explicitly need to and trust the sender.
  • Don’t run a program if you don’t know where it has come from and haven’t chosen to install it yourself.



Any concerns UOD IT staff are available 10am – 10pm all weekend so please log a call for assistance via www.dundee.ac.uk/help4u/ quoting reference number 1705-2711

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