Floor 1 of the library has recently had a revamp. It’s now open and ready for students. And we think it’s awesome – here’s why…

1. It’s like being in a forest

When you walk in you notice a theme – trees! All the walls and bookshelf ends are adorned with images from a forest.

2. There’s neon lighting!

It’s bright blue and gorgeous – the perfect spot for sitting with your laptop. Every plug socket also comes with a USB connector. So you’ll never lose power again!

3. The Beach Club

There’s now a place for students to sit, relax and take a break from their studies. We cannot get enough of the floor!

4. The rooms are all Dundee themed.

From Peep O’Day Lane to Magdalen Green, the library has it covered when it comes to historical place names. There’s even a Beef Can Close – in honour of a traditional song. Historians think it might have run from Victoria Road to King Street.

5. A Skype call room

Ever been desperate to take a call while in the library? Or you’ve wanted somewhere quiet to speak to your family back home? Well now The Cash is the place to go. This room is specially insulated to drown out noise from outside. The perfect place for a quick catch up.

6. A recording studio…

It’s currently empty – but students will be able to put this to use shortly. Just don’t go in if the mic light is on…

7. and last but not least… there’s running boiling water.

That’s right… all you need to do is bring your coffee, tea bags or hot chocolate and you’re good to go. But be safe!

We hope you take the time to visit the new space in the library. We think it’s amazing – but don’t take our word for it, here’s our students and the DUSA President instead.