The University’s Institute of Sport and Exercise is the latest recipient of two new state of the art electric bikes thanks to funding from the Energy Saving Trust in partnership with Transport Scotland.

The bikes will provide an alternative to car journeys for ISE staff. Additional bikes are also available for other departments and complement the existing cycle pool which was first established at the University ten years ago.

Environmental and Sustainability Officer Trudy Cunningham explained that as well as forming part of the University’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and encourage sustainable travel, the ebikes offer additional advantages to staff.

“The bikes are an alternative to car journeys and they will help staff reduce their carbon footprint but they will also promote the health benefits of cycling,” she said.

“Convenience is another plus. When factors, such as parking, are taking into consideration, staff may find it quicker and easier to cycle between parts of the University, for example between the main campus and the Botanic Gardens or Riverside or Ninewells.

“Our latest travel survey showed that 64% of staff are required to travel for business purposes during the day. Many of these journeys could be made by cycling, walking or taking the bus. Providing eBikes to departments makes it easier to cycle.

“We first set up a staff bike pool in 2009 and since then we have constantly expanded this. New cycle racks and shelters have been installed across the campus to allow cyclists to park safely and lock their bikes outside the most-used buildings. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of staff and students cycling to campus on a regular basis.”

ISE Director Brian Ewing said he was “delighted” to be involved in the ebike initiative.

“ISE staff make regular journeys to our Riverside Sports Ground, Ninewells and other venues across the campus and we are looking forward to making full use of the ebikes in supporting both the active travel agenda and our drive to promote physical activity through cycling.”

He added that the bikes will also be used as part of ISE’s Active Seniors Cycling project which aims to increase physical activity through cycling and encourage more of the community members to cycle to ISE rather than bringing cars.

“The project to date has been truly transformational for many members giving them the confidence to get back on their bike for recreation and pleasure. The new ebikes will further support this programme and ensure that participation is inclusive for all senior members no matter their level of cycling fitness.”

Other parts of the University interested in making use of a departmental electric bike can find out more information by contacting Trudy at

For information on how to join the general bike pool visit the Estates bike pool webpage at:


Van and car Pool

For transporting small goods across or to another campus vans are available to use. There is also an electric pool car which can be booked for traveling to. Full details on how to book is available on the Estates vehicle booking web page