It’s awards season at the University, with students and staff receiving accolades at dinners and awards ceremonies over the past few weeks.

There will be other presentations and recognition later in the semester.

Congratulations everyone!

DUSA Society Awards

Society of the Year – Indian Society

Have done an exceptional job of promoting Indian culture, food and traditions and integrating them within the University, the Indian Society were awarded Society of the Year.

This year, the Society events for Holi and Diwali were bigger and better than ever before, and the Society also hosted new events including Dandiya night. They have collaborated with many other societies throughout the year have thrived as a society despite having to overcome a lot of hardships and difficulties.

Best New Society – Participation Society

They were nominated for providing mental and physical health improvement for its members and for being very welcoming and inclusive to all members.

“A reason to get out of bed on Wednesday morning”.

Most Progressive Society – Sign Language Society

Increased social media presence and increased awareness of classes and events has led to this award.

A curriculum was created that can be passed on to future officers and the society have focussed on inclusion of the deaf community and other minority groups.

Best Society Event – Aerial Society Annual Show

The Annual Show was nominated for being the biggest show the Aerial Society have ever put on.

Members were able to showcase their talents without the pressure of a competition and feedback from attendees was resoundingly positive.

Society Achievement Award – Monica Kurrikoff

Monica has given so much to Aerial Society and made so many members feel welcome despite not holding a committee position. She assisted in 1:1 choreography and represented the University in a regional competition despite having a broken foot.

She has displayed extraordinary dedication to her Society this year.

Most Active Society – Bulgarian Society

The Bulgarian Society received the most nominations for any Society in any category.

The team have come up with new ideas and events to familiarise students with Bulgarian culture. They have been seen, heard and provided experiences on campus unmatched by others.

RAG Event of the Year – Dundee University Against Poverty (DUAP)

Society members grouped together and raised £2,500 for Sleep in the Park.

They nominated and promoted Dundee Foodbank as the RAG charity and have consistently raised funds and collected food for it.

Journalist of the Year – Mariya Radeva

Mariya’s nomination stated that she “seeks to enable the student body to be fearless in using their words as a weapon to bring about a better tomorrow. Her piece titled – ‘Do you want to live in a lie? – It’s a dangerous world to be a journalist’ seeks to do precisely this. To inspire people to be to be truthful, regardless of the risk.”

Best Media Newcomer – Thanos Kyratzis

Thanos received his nomination for his insightful, moving and well researched writing. He has been heavily involved with the coverage of Elections this year, namely writing an incredible piece on the importance of Hustings via Fibre Media.

Volunteer of the Year – Caitlin Macinnes

Caitlin has occupied the position of Academic Events Coordinator in the Dundee University Life Sciences Society for the past two years.

She has created multiple new events and facilitated everything with little external assistance. She has also taken the time to mentor volunteers to ensure her position is continued in the future.

Media Contributor of the Year – Barbara Mertlova

Barbara has been this year’s Magdalen Deputy Editor, her nomination states that “She goes above and beyond by being not only a gifted journalist but a teacher, who prioritises the overall talent of the team above her own career ambition and time. Her ability to jump between a designers mind-set and an editors’ one has also been invaluable. We have always struggled to bridge the gap between these two departments, but Barbara has ensured that through friendship and discussion, the editorial team greater understands the position of the designers and relate to them more.”

DUSA Media Awards


Thanos Kyratzis

Best Journalist

Mary Erin Kinch, presented by Murray Glen, editor in chief, Magdalen

Student-led Teaching Awards

Most Inspirational Teaching


  • Paul Campbell
  • Hari Hundal
  • Robert Muirhead

Also shortlisted:

  • Andrew Black
  • Jacques Hartmann

Best Assessment and Feedback

Michael Ramsay – Winner

Also shortlisted

  • Matt Graham
  • Mark Robertson

Best Adviser or Personal Tutor

Carolyn Johnstone – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Jacqueline Eccles
  • Iain Rennie

Best Postgraduate Supervisor

Sarah McKim – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Caroline Erolin
  • Susie Schofield

Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience (non-teaching)

Steven Barclay – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Judy Scott
  • Ruth O’Riordan

Outstanding Commitment to Student Welfare

Jackie Malcolm – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Carmen Garcia Del Rio
  • Andrew Mason

Innovation in Teaching

Jacques Hartmann – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Richard Holme
  • Caroline Kupper-Tetzel

Best Distance Learning Tutor or Adviser

Tim Lovering – Winner

Also shortlisted:

  • Ilona Koti
  • Angela Lindsay

Honorary Student-led Teaching Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Student and the DUSA Executive

Awarded to Keith Mackle

Outstanding Contribution and Services to Distance Learners

Awarded to Dr Susie Schofield

Outstanding Contribution to Student Representation and Democracy

Awarded to Stewart Squire

Dundee Plus Awards

School Tutoring Plus Award

Award for students interested in pursuing a career in teaching

Winner – Rachael Reid – History with German (3rd Year). Rachel completed a placement at Langlands Primary School in Forfar

Leadership Plus Award

Mentoring programme for students in a leadership position.

Winner Hollie Carter – Physics (3rd Year)

Business Plus Award

An Award which recognises skills develop through business related activities such as work experience and business games.

Winner Mary Moran (MSc Management & Human Resources)

Your Dundee Plus Award

General skills development programme encompassing a broad range of skills developed through extra-curricular activity.

Winner Ella Curzon – Graphic Design (4th Year)

Global Plus Award

Award which recognises skills developed through travel.

Winner Zara Elmi – Graphic Design (4th Year)