The 2022 elections are fast approaching with nominations closing on the 3rd March at 12:00.

Being involved in representation is a unique opportunity to work with University of Dundee, DUSA and the student body to make changes on campus and ensure all students have the best experience possible!

Roles available in this election:

DUSA Executive Roles

·        President (Full-time Paid Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Academia (Full-time Paid Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Representation (Full-time Paid Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Student Wellbeing (Full-time Paid Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Fundraising (Non-Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Student Activities (Non-Sabbatical Role)

·        Vice President of Community (Non-Sabbatical Role)

Other roles you can do along side your studies:

·        President of YOUR School

·        Independent Member of Court

·        Student Representative Council Chair

Head to our website by clicking the button below to find out more about all the above positions.

Read the testimonials below to find out what the various roles meant to previous holders.

Any questions contact our VPR Samantha at

Hannah Comrie, School of Humanities President

My experience this year being the School of Humanities President has provided me with valuable opportunities for me to gain greater confidence in myself and develop my leadership qualities. As school president, it is your responsibility to take a stand and ensure that every single voice within your school is accurately represented. Working closely with the student reps and staff in your school is so important in building an engaging and supportive environment in the university community. Being School President is a great responsibility that opens avenues for change and experience beyond attending meetings, it is not an easy responsibility, but it is a role that allows you to be the lead representative of your school that can stand up for those in your school who may feel voiceless. I would encourage anyone who is interested in taking a stand for their school, and the university to do so and run in the election.  


My time as president has been an experience and opportunity I will never forget. Becoming president introduces you to so many amazing people and it also gives you the opportunity to see your ideas come to reality. It has been extremely rewarding. I have learnt so many skills that I will carry with me including teamwork, leadership and time management. I would recommend the role of president to anyone who is passionate about helping out a student community and contributing to changes that they believe need to happen. 


Being a part of the DUSA executive was a once in a lifetime experience that allowed me to make changes that benefitted the student body. The skills I gained through my experience were very transferable and have supported me throughout my career to date. These skills included event management, presentation skills, data analysis and report writing, communication skills – the list is almost endless!

The experience also had a massive influence on my career as I have continued to work in the Higher Education sector since my Executive experience in a number of varied roles including in student recruitment and partnership management.


Beyond a year of camaraderie, coffee and campaigns, time spent as a DUSA exec officer also filters into post-uni life. In a short space of time, I supported students at Dundee through educational and wellbeing campaigns, such as founding both Sex Week and Dundee Nightline – but it was I who received the most from my time in the role. I gained a self-confidence and independence that is essential for my ambitious career goals, as well as an ability to communicate with a diverse community in different settings, including those who are most in need of a listening ear. I have since completed a Doctorate, currently due to finish a medical degree and have recently developed opportunities to help under-represented students engage in research and innovation opportunities. In hindsight, I truthfully believe these successes were made possible from the skills gained from my time as VPSW.