Over the past eighteen months a small project team have been working to improve the digital signage across our campuses, both in terms of infrastructure and support, and also in terms of the slides and videos you see.

We are now (November 2018) in the situation where over 50 “big TVs” are operating on the same system, with very few independent ones, we have multiple contributors who provide content, and we have a range of configurations – with some screens showing general University content, some showing local content, and some showing a mixture of both.

In this blog post, we wanted to let you see the story so far, and find out how you can be part of digital signage at the University of Dundee.

Where are the screens?

Waiting spaces

Screens work well in places where people are forced to wait, such as at a reception or in a cafe. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences reception at 11 Airlie Place, city campus, is shown above. Below are the School of Education and Social Work reception, the Dental Cafe, Health Service waiting area and the Enquiry Centre.

Digital signage at Education & Social Work reception
Digital signage in the Health Service waiting area
digital signage in the dental cafe
Digital signage inside the Enquiry Centre


A couple of our screens are in windows facing outwards – namely the Enquiry Centre and the Matthew Building (School of Art and Design). These are great for people passing by, who have been seen to stop and look.

Digital signage outside the Enquiry Centre
digital signage in the dental cafe


All our libraries are using digital signage to show both generic library content, and content specific to that library, or even to that part of that library.

Digital signage at Main library reception
Digital signage at Main library reception
digital signage in kirkcaldy library
Digital signage in Ninewells library

What is on the screens?

Each screen can be tailored to suit the needs of its location, and the people who will see it. This includes the day-to-day audience, and any particular audience, such as those attending an open day or event.

We are using a range of generic University content, including What’s On and Did you know?, plus local News, and other slides to support Schools – some examples are shown below.

We can also show videos (captured or subtitled).

Digital signage at Main library reception
Digital signage at Main library reception
digital signage in kirkcaldy library
Digital signage in Ninewells library

Which buildings are the screens in?

You will find these screens on all our campuses, and in all our libraries. On City Campus they are in the Tower & Dalhousie Buildings, Fulton, Harris, Matthew, Carnegie, Scrymgeour, Life Sciences Buildings, Enquiry Centre, IT and RIS.

City campus

Carnegie Building

  • Reception

College Hall

  • Global Room

Computer Centre

  • Reception

Dalhousie Building

  • Behind reception
  • Foyer (red wall)

Enquiry Centre

  • Front window – facing in & out

Main Library

  • Reception – two screens
  • Level 1 – two screens
  • Level 2 – one screen

OMS Building

  • Education & Social Work School Reception

OTI Building

  • Health Service Reception

RIS Building

  • Reception

Matthew Building

  • Reception – two screens
  • External front window
  • Library

School of Dentistry

  • Cafe
  • Lift area
  • School office

School of Life Sciences

  • Discovery Centre Street – four screens
  • James Black reception – level 2
  • Wellcome Trust Building – five screens on the stairs
  • MSI foyer & Garland cafe

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Reception (Airlie Place)

School of Science & Engineering

  • Fulton Building Foyer
  • Fulton Building Common Room
  • Fulton Building – floor 2
  • Harris Building

Scrymgeour Building

  • Scrymgeour Hall

Tower Building

  • Basement
  • Reception
Ninewells campus
  • Library
  • Blue Promenade Area
  • Clinical Research Centre
  • DIHS
  • Jackie Wood Centre
  • Lab block
Kirkcaldy campus
  • Reception
  • Library

How can I add content to a screen?

There is a digital signage Powerpoint template available to download from the University’s brand webpages – it’s at the bottom of dundee.ac.uk/brand/toolkit/templates. You’ll find full instructions about setting up your slide(s) and how to submit them.

Or, if you are getting promotional material designed, make sure your brief includes digital signage materials, landscape format, at least 1920x1080.

How can I get a screen in my area?

Screens and the equipment to run the screen are available via IT Buying at dundee.ac.uk/it/buying/staffonly/digital-signage


If you have any feedback or other questions about digital signage, please send them to internal-comms@dundee.ac.uk