We’ve been hard at work revamping the spaces you use to teach, work and study across campus. Here, we look into some of the improvements made.

Many campus spaces have benefitted from a continued programme of investment and this is just the beginning! Further enhancements are set to take place over the next year to offer more flexible areas equipped with high quality technology.




As promised, Matthew 5013 has been refurbished! It’s clear that this has given the lecture theatre a modern new look.

We’ve installed new AV equipment in Matthew 5014-5018 whilst we organise a refurbishment, similar to Matthew 5013.

After the great feedback received about the 4K webcams installed in Peep O’Day Lane, Beef Can Close and River Rooms 1 and 2, we’ve installed a few more!

If you are planning a video conference, you can now find more facilities in Dalhousie 2S01 and Scrymgeour 1.03.


What we’ve delivered so far…

  • Fulton J18 now has upgraded AV/IT facilities
  • Dalhousie 1S18 now has high-standard AV equipment and new column teaching boards
  • Dalhousie 2G14 and 2F13 now have green and orange “Node” chairs
  • Tower 1.36 now has a new layout, writing surfaces and improved AV/IT facilities
  • Harris Lecture Theatre now benefits from a column whiteboard and new AV/IT equipment
  • Old Medical School 2.03 also now benefits from a column whiteboard and new AV/IT equipment
  • Scrymgeour 1.57 and 2A01 now has upgraded AV/IT facilities
  • Peep O’Day Lane, Beef Can Close and River Rooms 1 and 2 now have high quality webcams

Teaching tools

New IT equipment has been installed, including projectors, digital signage, interactive displays and wireless mics. Glass and column teaching boards have also been added.


  • Sharper image projection
  • More visible alerts in public areas
  • Next-level device interaction
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Increased space for delivery of visual teaching content

A consistent, high-standard of technology now exists across most spaces, making it easier for:

  • Staff to use different areas because they work in the same way
  • UoD IT to provide a reliable room support service
  • Real-time content sharing between nearby areas during events

Rooms left to right: Scrymgeour Hall, Scrymgeour 2A01, Old Medical School 2.03, Dalhousie 2S17 (new chairs), Scrymgeour Hall, Scrymgeour reception, Dalhousie 2G14, Dalhouse 2F13, Dalhousie 2S17, Scrymgeour Hall.

Static palette chairs have been replaced with “Node” chairs in two rooms and these cater for collaborative learning, allowing for flexible arrangement of furniture that can be quickly and easily transitioned between classroom modes.

Depending on the teaching approach or task, whether that be lecture style, group work or for meetings, students can reconfigure the room layout to suit the needs of the lesson. They also have integrated cup holders to safeguard against spills and the base provides storage for your belongings.

Alongside furniture upgrades, we’ve also replaced hundreds of PCs around campus and introduced hi-tech touchscreens at key locations!

One office and six teaching rooms used to support the International College were recently supplied with new AV equipment, with two of the latter now also having interactive displays.

Scrymgeour Hall has been transformed into a lounge for students and staff across Social Sciences to use – whether that be to study, relax, chat or do group work – providing an alternative to the Main Library.

Dalhousie 1S18 was converted into a teaching room and equipped with recycled hardware from G6. Fulton J18 is also being added to the teaching space portfolio now that J1-2 are being converted into physics labs.

New and creative study facilities are now available in the mid-floor Main Library following a major re-design.  Visit the Library website for more details.

A range of room standards have and continue to be developed, taking us ever closer to having single suppliers to cover upgrades. By having these partners we no longer have to tender every room upgrade, can engage with integrators at earlier project stages and a more cost-effective approach will be taken.

Our physical environment has an important part to play in the student and staff experience of our on-campus community, which is why a regular investment programme exists to ensure it is maintained to a high standard. Indeed, the quality of our learning and teaching spaces contributed to us recently striking gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017, and we plan to continue this trend. Further innovative redesigns and upgrades are on their way to raise the bar and ensure your work or study surroundings are first-class.

The Tower G Rooms (G3, G4, G5, G6 and G7) were taken out of the teaching space portfolio. They have been re-purposed as staff work areas, with two of the spaces now housing the Web Services team.

Soon to come…

  • The Kirkcaldy campus cafe and servers area are being modernised. The improvements will include new flooring, lighting and furnishings, making much better use of the space available.
  • Symon’s Teaching Space in the Dental School is being refurbished.
  • Gannochy Lecture Theatre in Ninewells is receiving brand new projectors.
  • The Ground Floor Pods and Willock Room in the Main Library will have the AV upgraded at end of semester 2.

Let us know what you think

These improvements have been driven by staff from across the University and will be continued with the help of your views and feedback.

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