Judy Scott is School Support Specialist Printed Textiles in DJCAD. She’s originally from Bakewell in Derbyshire, and has lived in Dundee since 2012 – she moved here for her final year of study (Textile Design), graduating in 2013, and has never left. She says the School of Art and Design is like being in one big family, and describes the general University community in the same way.


What does your job involve, what do you do at work? My key role is to support those students in college who are studying textile design, however I also work with students who take elective modules in Level 3 and (including those from other disciplines) who wish to incorporate printed textiles into their work.

I run technical workshops, from introduction to printing onto textiles, to specific specialised skills. I work with the students to develop and interpret their design work from sketchbook to cloth, teaching them the technical skills required. I also support academic staff, look after stock control, and the print and dye areas – amongst many other things.

How did the University of Dundee equip you for your career? From being a young girl, I have sewn and drawn and learned many skills along the way. However, the BDes Textile Design course gave me the knowledge of design, so I have been able to pull all my skills together to be a designer maker and a technician.

Was your course related to your career? My course was in textile design so it was perfect for my career choice. Over the years I’ve done numerous extracurricular activities in textile art, embroidery, and painting, I continue to do each of these.

What gives you satisfaction in your work? A print room or dye lab filled with students loving what they’re doing.

What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them? My aim is to give all students the best experience possible in both group and individual cases. Sometimes I wish there were two of me!

Tell us the best thing about your work? The students – their energy and enthusiasm. I get goose bumps seeing the students developing their work and getting amazing results.

The hardest? Seeing a student struggle.


How has the pandemic affected what you do? I’ve been on campus for most of the time.

We had to quickly set up individual areas to allow a safe working environment, implement different working practices within the dye lab and print room, and limit numbers. This put a strain on how many students could be in the workshops at one time.

Have you found things more or less effective in the job that you do? Once back in the workshop we were very effective and efficient in how we worked and adopted new ways of working in both the print room and dye lab. I worked with Level 4 students mostly but was always just an email or Teams call away from any student who needed a question answered.

Has there been a particular support to you during this time? Our School support lead Alan, Rebecca the Knit School Support Specialist, all of the support specialists. And Claire, the Programme Director for Textiles has been so brilliant throughout.

Is there anything new within the current situation that you hope will continue? Workshop practices which we adopted during the 2-metre distancing were beneficial to a smooth- running calm print room, so we will be keeping these.

And is there anything particular you’ve missed? I have missed the students, the buzz of gathering round a table talking about a design etc.


What do you like most about Dundee uni? The School of Art and Design is like being in one big family. It’s a lovely campus to walk round and I love the quadrant for lunch time in the summer.

Any tips for current students? In relation to study, campus, working from home, social, sports, etc? Keep going. Get fresh air. Use the library for research you can still get books out. If you’re struggling get in touch, with me or another school support, or someone. A problem that seems huge can change so quickly if shared. Enjoy the campus and what it offers.

Favourite spot on campus? The textile print room, no question about it.

Is there, or was there, someone at the University who inspires/inspired you? Lindsey Gardiner was my drawing tutor on a Monday in Level 2, she introduced us to such amazing ways to see and draw. Also, I had a lecturer called Jonathan Baldwin for Design Studies he gave the best lectures ever.

How would you describe the University to someone who doesn’t know it? A family, a community.


What do you do outside of your work? I paint, sew, and create, it’s part of my life. I love my garden but mostly love going to the beach for the peace and fresh air.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? My dream as a young girl was to go to Art College. Life happened, art college didn’t, but before I knew it, I was 50 and a mature student in second year of textile design, I am so proud of what I’ve achieved. To work here is just the best.

You’re from Bakewell, Derbyshire – please tell us you love a Bakewell tart? Haha! Bakewell tarts are by Mr Kipling – Bakewell Puddings on the other hand are made from a famous secret recipe by the Bakewell Pudding Shop – I worked there during school holidays many years ago, they’re amazing. 

Who would you invite to a dinner party? I would invite all the women from my family past and present to talk ‘making’ – what a fabulous discussion that would be.

Why Dundee? Because of the Art School. I came, I studied, I stayed.

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