Wayne Paul is the University’s Industrial Liaison Officer and Public Engagement Lead based in the School of Science and Engineering. He oversees the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme, which offer businesses the opportunity to upskill employees by combining an honours degree with work-based learning.

He graduated from Abertay University in 2010 with a degree in Business Studies with Marketing, and lives in Monifieth.


What does your job involve? I am in the fortunate position of being able to help people on a daily basis through our Graduate Apprenticeship Programme.

It is my role to proactively engage with all aspects of industrial liaison, business development, public engagement, marketing, and brand development, with the aim of helping business to develop current or new members of their workforce to honours degree level. This involves everything from meeting with businesses and local authorities to creating and implementing our marketing and engagement plan.

What gives you satisfaction in your work? Throughout my career my aim has always been to connect people with products or services that make their lives easier, and I believe this is exactly what our Programme can offer.

There must be some challenges – how do you face them? Three months into my role the pandemic hit, which made it rather challenging to engage with businesses at a time when they were simply trying to survive. Rather than focus on the negative, I looked at our offering and established how it can help businesses to grow and prosper during these difficult times, resulting in a record intake for our Programme.

What’s the best thing about your work?
Speaking and interacting with people from all walks of life and being able to offer them something without looking for anything in return. 

And the hardest? Trying to speak with the right people in the right places.


How has the pandemic affected what you do? It has certainly been a challenge, however, life wouldn’t be the same without a challenge, so you need to find ways to overcome any challenge that is placed in front of you.

I like to focus on the areas that are within my control, which allows me to ensure that I am always working effectively. When situations arise that are outside of my control, it’s all about adapting to ensure you are still able to complete the work at hand.

Has there been a particular support to you during this time?
My wife and I are a team and we have a close family, so we are very fortunate with the support we have.

Is there anything new within the current situation that you hope will continue?
Flexible working and online meetings. Throughout my career, unnecessary travel has always concerned me from an environmental point of view, so I hope online meeting tools will continue to be used when appropriate.

The University

What do you like most about Dundee Uni? My grandfather was the head of Duncan of Jordanstone many moons ago and I remember playing around the building as a young child. I also filmed some of my feature length film in 2010 at the University so I have always felt a connection to the University and really enjoy just walking through the campus.

Any tips for current students? Enjoy your time at University as life just keeps going faster and faster as you grow older. Soak it all in while you can.

Is there, or was there, someone at the University who inspires/inspired you? James Paul, my late grandfather, inspires me to work hard and enjoy my life each and every day.

How would you describe the University to someone who doesn’t know it?
A welcoming, friendly, and fun University, that inspires you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Wayne Paul and family


What do you do outside of your work? I love going on adventures with my wife Claire, sons Lucas and Casey, daughter Sophie and our dog and cat Misty and Millie, along with spending time with all our close family members.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I made a feature length movie in 2010 called The Hidden Persuaders that went on to headline and win Best Experimental Film at a film festival in New York, leading to me working on the first Captain America movie and spending time in London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York.

Who would you invite to a dinner party? My late Gran and Grandad, just so I could spend one more night with them talking about the good old days.

Why Dundee? It is a city that has everything you need within a very small radius, from the hustle and bustle of city life, to the tranquillity of the countryside and the freedom of the open sea.