Green teams celebrated for cleaning up their act

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Campus News

University staff and students were recognised for their environmental impact with teams from across the institution awarded NUS Green Impact awards for their efforts to make their workspaces more environmentally friendly.

A prizegiving, which took place on Thursday 16th May in the University’s edible garden, saw teams from the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) and the Welcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) in the School of Life Sciences and another team from Kirkcaldy Campus Library all recognised for making work more sustainable.

Vice-Principal John Rowan was on hand to present a raft of NUS Green Impact accolades, including a Silver Award to the School of Life Sciences, ‘Innovation for Engagement’, ‘Environmental Improvement’ and ‘ Best Newcomer’ awards for the DDU/WCAIR teams and and ‘Most Bonus Actions Completed’ for the Fife Campus Library.

The winning teams initiated recycling schemes within their offices, ran campaigns encouraging people to turn off lights or use lab equipment efficiently, increased communication on green issues and encouraged colleagues to cycle to work.

Aileen Corral, Sustainability Projects Assistant, said, “The teams have shown great enthusiasm and made a real difference in their areas. It is exciting to see how they all will progress next year.

“The University of Dundee has been involved in Green Impact for the last couple of years and has been gaining momentum since it began. Last year, the programme focused on labs within Life Sciences. It has since expanded to include offices and is also open to students who wish to take part.



How to get involved

Staff and students can all get involved by forming a team (or joining an existing one) and signing up online. You can then access a workbook of simple actions to help make your office or lab space greener. Pick the workbook which is most relevant to your team – this may be ‘office’, ‘students’ or ‘S-Labs’. You will start at bronze level and work your way up. If you manage to complete all of the actions for your level, you will receive an award! The workbook is slightly different for students, who are encouraged to focus on a particular project. For those amongst you who are extra keen, there are even bonus actions you can complete.

Students can also get involved by becoming auditors. They will receive IEMA approved training and gain experience for their CV by completing an audit for the teams that took part. This year 8 students were selected to complete the training and audits and helped our teams on the way to their awards.

The scheme is open to both staff and students. If you are interested in getting involved, please sign up online at or for more information visit or contact